From Enchantment to Down
  • Happy End - The little red riding hood
  • My sweet Prince - Snow White
  • Just a Trap - Alice
  • Naughty Girl - Sleeping beauty
  • Too Fast - Cinderella
  • On the other shore - The little Mermaid
  • One last wish - Jasmine
  • Not so Romantic - The beauty and the beast
  • One more Trophy - Pocahontas
  • Once upon a last time - Tinker Bell
  • Special Thanks :
    Juliette Pollet,
    Olivier F, Vanessa A, Max L, Lucie V, Nathalie D, Sarah P, David B, Elise D, Ketsana B, Olivier M, Thomas P, Christophe H, Martin C, Laura A. 
Personnal Work